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Mistolin Professional

Mistolin Professional is a Portuguese Company specialized in professional hygienic solutions.

Oriented by thorough managing systems, we invested in a high reputation team focused in the constant search of more efficient and profitable solutions.

Mistolin Professional is committed and goal oriented to provide consistent hygienic solutions, secure and effective, always with close and constant support.



Obey strict regulations and high quality standards
 obj_1.2.png Available to all customers at a competitive price
 obj_1.3.png The best results at the level of cleanliness and hygiene profitability

Technical Comercial Team

 obj_2.1.png Managers in charge of the Business Unit
Ensure closest monitoring
 obj_2.2.png Customer Managers
Help you in implementing effective, simple, cost effective and safe hygiene solutions
 obj_2.3.png Specialists in Food Industry and Agro-food Industry
Help you monetize your business